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Please take a look at our current offer HERE

Please use online chatting or simply texting or WhatsApp us @ +1 647 915 8489


  1. Photo ID (to verify your age)

  2. Order

  3. Delivery Address

Then, ETA will be sent shortly.

- delivery within 1.5hr or provide 1 extra preroll

- FREE 1 pre roll or FREE pack of raw's paper for every order

- FREE 3 pre rolls for every half oz and up orders

- FREE DELIVERY for minimum orders of  $50 in the area

: Scarborough, North York, Markham

- FREE DELIVERY for orders over $80

- $10 delivery fee may apply for elsewhere

- TEXT or WHATSAPP for special pricing and current deal

If you want to get delivered on certain day, you may also order ahead.

Please place an order through HERE

How To Order For Shipping

Here is the step by step guide to walk you through this process to place your online purchase.

  • Proceed with the order through email or phone

  • For more details, please see FAQ


Payment by E-Transfer



This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an Interac E-transfer.

Complete your online order now:

  • Login to your online bank account via a web browser or on your banking app.

  • IMPORTANT: The recipient email will be visible to you once your order is placed.

  • Follow the debit E-Transfer instructions of your financial institution.

  • Send an e-transfer payment for your order total (including shipping/delivery fee, if any) to our current payment email (this email is provided in your order confirmation email). 

  • Once your e-transfer payment has been received and confirmed on our end, you will be sent a tracking number.

High volumes of E-Transfers can take time to process, If you have not received a confirmation email from your financial institution that we have received and accepted your email transfer for your order, the funds are still in your account and you still have control of those funds and the E-Transfer. 

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